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James Trumble

US Army Combat Veteran

In his own words.

I was an 11B, 101st Airborne and deployed to Iraq from '07 - '09. I have TBI & PTSD from an RPG that struck my vehicle.

Team Fidelis has become my family. They were there for me when my father passed away and have stayed by my side through all my struggles without judgement, just friendship and love.

Bernice Ballayan

US Marine Reservist

In her own words.

Team Fidelis provides two valuable things to me that I believe would be difficult to have otherwise. I have access to the saltiest, most disgruntled vets in the Kansas City area from whom I can learn a great deal about life after the military. Hands Down, the second most important feature about Team Fidelis is the constant and unrelenting desire to maintain communication with the “Pack”. Even when life gets busy and the list of distractions is a mile long, members always remember to keep in touch. It’s funny how we met each other through our interest in fitness but, my best memories have always been over a loaded plate of fried food.

Kenny Jewell

US Marine Veteran

In his own words.

I was an 0311, Infantryman in the US Marine Corps.

I struggled so much returning to a 'normal' civilian life that I have attempted suicide. Nothing has compared to the camaraderie that I have been part of since joining Team Fidelis. Without them in my life I wouldn't be able to have a normal life that everyone else takes for granted.